Experience the best of family and old world traditions as we bring you only the finest olive oil from our family orchard and quality products for you to enjoy.


Ancient Olive Orchards

Our orchards are located in the town of Veroli, in the province of Frosinone, Italy. Veroli is located south east of Rome and has been an olive growing region for centuries. Olive trees can grow for centuries as well, some in our orchard are up to 700 years old.

Old World Tradition

Our olive trees are our pride and joy. We harvest the traditional way, doing all the picking by hand. We do not use rakes or tree shakers. We prune the trees and allow sheep to graze on the clippings and grass of the orchard, naturally creating the best fertilizers. 

Importing the Finest

Not only do we bring you the finest in cold pressed, extra virgin olive from our orchard, we also import traditionally made aged balsamic vinegars from the city of Modena, Italy. Made the traditional way and aged to perfection. Just one of the quality products we strive to make available to our valued clients.